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John Schneider Was Born In Connecticut

March 17, 2015

Northern Rockies Neuro-Spine is a company that was founded by John Schneider, M.D. and is still owned by him. Dr. John Schneider is a neurological and spine surgeon who specializes in performing complex spinal decompression and reconstruction using minimal access technology. Minimal access technology allows Dr. Schneider to make a small incision on the surface and, by using tools designed for such procedures, conduct the surgery chiefly from inside the body so as to leave as little scaring as possible. This has become an increasingly sought after skill.

John Schneider was born in Connecticut, educated in California, and is today a resident of Montana—so it is safe to say that he understands people from all over the country. Dr. John Schneider founded Northern Rockies Neuro-spine in June of 2005. The company today has offices in Cody, Powell, and Sheridan, Wyoming, as well as the clinical offices in Billings, Montana.  He is chiefly concerned with providing the highest possible quality of care for his patients. His staff has been trained to ensure that patients are as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process.

Dr. John Schneider is interested in more than just neurological and spine surgery. He is a proud father and husband who enjoys spending time with his family. He was an Eagle Scout and Council Chief with the Order of the Arrow and today still serves as a Boy Scouts of America Camp Counselor and Advisor.